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Normally I don't participate in these things but I got tagged by TWO of y'all. So, here goes!

➤ rules: tag 8+ people you'd like to get to know better using this meme!!

➤ name: KlockworkKat, Klock, Kat, or Katy!!

➤ star sign: Cancer

➤ average hours of sleep: 7 probably. As low as 5 on work days, and as many as 11 on weekends!

➤ lucky number(s): 4

➤ last thing googled: Oh geez... uh... "My Immortal fanfic" I WANTED TO READ IT AGAIN OKAY

➤ favorite fictional character(s): Hatsune Miku, probably! Or my own/my friend's OCs : D

➤ current attire: Jeans and a tank top!

➤ when did you start this account?: October 17, 2007

➤ number of watchers: 249! Thanks so much,  you guys! :heart:

➤ what do you post?: Doofy characters and kitty girls

➤ other blogs: I'm Klockworkkat on Twitter! That's about the only other thing I use though!

➤ do you get a lot of comments: Not terribly many, but I treasure and respond to all of them!!

➤ why did you choose this username?: I (used to) really like Steampunk things, and my name is Katy, so Klockwork Kat! : D

➤ tagged by:  :iconcybambie: AND :iconkingdomkey:

➤ tags: untamedxleprechaun and IkuVitaminwater

I know it's only two but all my other friends got tagged :L
Hey everybody! I hope life is treating you all spectacularly!
Just wanted to throw a quick journal entry up for a new batch of adoptables I finished. I'm pretty happy with the result! It was a long project, but it was a good creative exercise!

It would mean the world to me if you guys could give them a quick look! I know lots of you might not be interested in adoptables, not to mention rather amateur designs like mine. But I am doing my best to improve, so thank you so much for giving it a look!!

Month Churiels [OPEN]

Thanks so much! Don't forget, my commissoins are always open! I may need to adjust prices and styles soon, but they'll be there in the meantime. I'm also open for design customs! Feel free to message/note me here or on my other account, Klocks-Works!
Hey everyone! :D I don't normally do this, but i'm trying to give my friend some support with her great website and facebook page.

It's called Common Room, and it's filled with great recipes, podcasts, and tons of other fun and interesting articles!

Here's the link to the website;
And their facebook page! They're nearly at 100 likes!

I'd really appreciate it if you guys took the time to check it out. Thanks so much for taking a look! :heart:
Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well.

This is a bit of a PSA to let you guys know that I won't be uploading adoptables to this account anymore. Instead, they will all be on my separate account, Klocks-Works! I will also probably put art of adopted characters there instead of here, so please watch it if you are interested! I have only recycled some adopts so far, but I plan to make plenty of new ones in the future. Please look forward to it!

Thank you for your time, everyone! :D As a general reminder, commissions are still open! The info can be found here -…
How's everyone doing? I know I haven't done a journal in ages. I'm just as uninterested in my life as you guys are though, trust me. xD

Just holding it together through senior year at the moment. I know I don't post much here, but I draw a LOT. I'm trying really hard to improve my skills and I practice all the time. Maybe i'll upload an art dump. Would you guys be interested in that?

Also, I am 5 watchers away from having 100! So i'm going to give a chibi or something to my 100th watch. No, i'm not trying to get free watches or promote myself or anything, but just as a thank-you sort of thing. I never really thought i'd have 100 people interested in my scribbles.

So, chat me up if you want to. I'm crazy active on TinierMe (User: Klockwork) right now, and if you really want I could do a comish. of your selfy! And if (for whatever crazy reason) you'd like to be in better contact with me, note me and I can add you to MSN or give you my number or something.

Thanks for reading! :heart:
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